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Kid's Crusades are a HUGE part of our ministry!  

We performed our first Kid's Crusades in 2001 and 2002 in Tanzania (although there are no pictures from those times). We've helped with many in the US, and have taken groups to Belize, Central America. Now we are continuing the tradition in Kenya! We love working with the pure hearts of children! 


Our home church in Virginia puts on the best Kid's Crusades we have seen anywhere, and we are so blessed to have been a part of them for the past several years. Not only being team leaders at times, but the church has also sent all offerings for the previous 3 Kid's Crusades to support our work here in Kenya!  


Children are a heritage from the Lord, and these are our future leaders! We love to see kids worshipping The Lord!! 

We have open opportunities to do more kid's crusades here. We are continually praying about the timing and location of our next venture and praying for groups to help. We are also praying for friends to come and help with skits, singing, teaching, etc. We are excited about what God is doing in the youngest generation here.

We look forward to seeing more doors open to minister to kids in the future.

Kid's Krusade Team from Bible Holiness Church, Virginia 

Taking skits and puppets to Belize, Central America

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 6.39.24 PM.png

Kids Crusade in Bungoma, Kenya 2019

Ministering in skits and games

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