We are the Church!   Working through Relief, Rehabilitation, and Development Projects to bring a Holy God to suffering Nations!

We work full time as missionaries to Kenya, East Africa, and also support and perform in short term development and discipleship projects worldwide.


Offering rehabilitation to kids and young adults by bringing them to a Community Center, where we can care for their basic needs and plan for their futures while helping them cope with addictions and trauma brought on by painful pasts, this is the heart of the Project Holy Nations!


Offering hope in various forms of outreach. Preaching the gospel and giving relief in prison ministries, through feeding programs, widows banquets, kid's crusades, and discipleship training. Also, by committing to personal visitation to help address various situations in our community.


Development and sponsorship programs grow the community through practical help.  

Grants are offered periodically to open and support local businesses, help further education, and provide resources essential to daily life and community development.  

We are committed to the local church and the body of believers outside of the church building, within their realm of ability, empowering members to see personal success as a real possibility.    


We are working with transparency so that you can see where your money is spent. The work we do is intricate, but we are dedicated to being accountable to those who give to make this work. Everything given goes directly to the work of the Lord and the projects taking place in the field.