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A Simple Meal just for Widows:

Our Widow's Banquet has been something talked about and looked forward to each year. We began by 'borrowing' the idea from our great friend and missionary to India, who found it was a success among the women there. (I can't name her here for security reasons). We work with five churches in the area, giving them cards to hand out as invitations to women in their community. We rent a room at the local Nyathiru Hotel, which many of the ladies have said is a treat because they could never afford to have eaten there. We give them a catered meal and a voice. We take time to encourage, but we also provide them with time to speak to us and one another, which is rarely offered to them. Some have said that they never knew others were dealing with a lot of the same issues they are, in the very same community. They have made friends and found churches who care and have been greatly encouraged by a simple meal and a small gift. The Widow's banquet is one of our favorite ministries! They come hungry, but leave happy! 

Click on the images below to see pics taken at one of our Widow's Banquets, 

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