• Jeremy M. Sipe

How the West will be Won!

I recently read that in the year 1900, three continents were 95-96 percent Christian: Europe and the Americas. Africa was only nine percent, and Asia was two percent. During the twentieth century, the non-Christian populations grew at a much faster rate than Christian ones. In the Christian continents, the forces of secularism and communism took millions of children from their parents’ faith.

A sunken Cross from a demolished church in Panama, Central America

We have certainly seen the shift. The church in America has grown weaker; the church around the world has grown stronger. We will soon need missionaries from Africa to go to America and remind them what the Gospel is all about. We have denounced the prosperity gospel yet lived as if we are partakers. Our ‘good ole boy’ American values have kept us wealthy and satisfied, but what happens now that the American culture is no longer signified as ‘good.’ It has become a culture of murder, hate, lust, and rebellion, a culture that promotes abortion and sexual immorality. A culture that snubs its nose at God and turns on their own people in the name of social justice.

Where did it go wrong? For one, we ceased to be accountable for our own actions and turned to always blaming others for the conditions of the world. “World poverty, hunger, and wars are the cause of politicians and the elite.” But that is not necessarily true, especially when we are responsible now, for the most part, for who gets into those offices. In blaming others, we have removed personal responsibility. It has become ok to drop our kids at the school for all the education needed while Mom and Dad focus on what’s important for them. At the same time, schools have indoctrinated our kids in Darwin’s theory of evolution and the origin of species, which is responsible for creating so much of the ‘race’ war we see today. According to the bible, we are all part of one race – the human race, but according to Darwin, there are several races, of which the Caucasian race is the most evolutionarily advanced. Some will claim that Darwin hated slavery, which may be accurate, but it is apparent that he thought his own race superior to the African, which, according to his theory, is at the bottom of the evolutionary scale. That surely is where many African’s and black American’s feel they have been placed by society today because our education system has put them there. They have found it hard to succeed even in the best environment – America. God has not placed you at the bottom, even if society and cultures have! Here in Kenya, when we ask if a person feels equal to another, that person will most of the time tell us of their inferiority due to tribalism, social status, or merely the place in which they were born. Instead of looking at cultural institutions, I’d rather point them to God, who created all men equal, and who gave his Son as a ransom for every person, than to trust a flawed theory or system, based on racism. We all have a linked ancestry, and that link is not missing.

We were all created in the image of God!

Why have we allowed our children to be swayed in such a way? Why have we allowed the government to take over the training of our most pliable resource completely? As parents, we talk about how kid’s minds are like sponges; they soak up all the information around them — a time when little boys mimic their Dads as their hero is almost gone. Many homes don’t have strong Mom and Dad figures anymore. We have taken these sponges and dropped them into the education system of a flawed government and hoped that it would all work out. At the same time, we followed after our dreams of being successful. We have listened to celebrities who have not shown even a glimmer of morality as they tell us what success really means. We’ve read self-help books, psycho-analysis books, and even church-help books, and neglected our bible reading. I will say this now: if you are reading this article today but have not read your bible, close this app now and open the word of God. There is so much more to be found in His word than here in this missionary’s ramblings.

We have allowed the spirit of complacency to enter our lives like a narcotic. We have dulled our senses in our self-made happiness. We have thanked God that we could take vacations, spend thousands of dollars on frivolous toys, and paid for entertainment that has numbed our minds to the outside world and the call God has on our lives. There is nothing wrong with vacations, or objects, or wholesome entertainment until it begins to cost us our families and our relationships; most of all, our relationship with God. Your family is your first ministry, your first obligation to train rightly! No wonder abortion has been accepted by so much of the western world; we don’t even value the wholesome training of our Christian children enough to stop our selfish pursuits and fight for them, much less the children of our unsaved neighbors. Who is your neighbor? Who is your family? We should all be one family. The old saying, “it takes a village”, is alive and well in much of Africa. People care for the children of the village together. This is not a perfect system and is flawed in many ways, as we have seen during the COVID crisis, there are some serious flaws, as thousands of teenagers have become expecting due to a lack of parental supervision and proper care. The family unit is not what it once was here, especially in larger towns and cities where so many have been taught by western movies and education and led astray by prosperity preachers.

There are people worldwide struggling with basic essentials, or possessed by habits, fighting for survival while the west is consumed by materialism. I am a patriot. I have believed in America. I have studied her history and founders and, though flawed as they were, I have believed America to be the greatest nation on the earth. I am now starting to worry about what we have allowed her to become. And without the wealth of the west, reaching to the aid of the rest of the world, we will lose so much more than the values with which we grew up. The percentage of Christians around the world is shrinking. In 1900 that percentage was 35.5, today it is 33.5. While that may seem like a small difference, those numbers should worry us. Today we have more access and translations to the word of God than any generation has had before us, yet the message of truth has been so watered down by secular education, we are not winning souls; we are educating sinners.

It is time to fight for godliness and moral character. It is time to fight for our children. Now that our education system is suffering so many changes due to COVID, and racial justice is being championed in the streets, NOW is the time to petition your school board. NOW is the time to take back the education of your children. If you never have before, NOW is the time to consider homeschooling or Christian private school options. NOW is the time to put an end to flawed theories and preach truth to our families, friends, and neighbors. NOW is the time to show equality as God shows it in His word, in love! NOW is the time to proclaim repentance and the kingdom of heaven to the world.

C.S. Lewis said, “Human beings judge one another by their external actions. God judges them by their moral choices.”

What choices are you going to make today? What actions will those choices show the world?

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